the difference between attraction and affection

Adriana embracing independence. Creating a space of emotions and imagination. The Willamette valley is my home and my love, but I'm looking for any excuse to travel. Also cats.

i think i have to block tumblr again for a week 

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dock by (SurprisePally) | Website

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Chicana flappers, southern California, 1925. 

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U r beautiful and ur gonna do great today

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a big stupid idiot crush

goddamn that’s accurate. 

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if i had a dollar every time one of my relatives asked me if i had a boyfriend i would be crying in a pile of money

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fucking brain chemicals. stahp. 

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last night was exactly what i needed. thank the fucking heavens. 


True Facts about the Owl [x]

It’s giving bedroom eyes in that last GIF.

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